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Eleven arcane timepieces for your modern d20 tabletop games. From the Tick-Tock Timepiece to the Game Watch of Two-Dimensioning, the Global Repositioning Watch to the Mysterious Watch of the End Times, discover strange new items to grant new character abilities or drive a magical story. Out of print and offline since 2006, this weird little book is back.

Sample: Watch of Useful Warnings

Now this is a watch that warrants a demonstration. Here, let me put it on and stand with my back to you. Now, pick up that piece of wood and swing it at my head. It's quite all right, just swing it at me. Really try to hit me. Come on, it's very simple... there we are. Hear how the watch beeped just before you swung? That is how I knew when to duck. This watch will warn you any time an attack is directed at you. The price might look high now, but believe me, when it has saved your life for the thousandth time, you will find it to be money well spent.

This trendy sports watch is sleekly designed, with digital date and time display. It also has an alarm function. It features an adjustable Velcro strap and a camouflage colour scheme of black, greens, and browns.

The watch's unusual power will not become apparent until the wearer is about to be surprised by something threatening. Any time the wearer would be considered flat-footed or surprised by an attack, trap, or otherharmful instance, the watch's alarm beeps just prior to it's occurrence. If the wearer can figure out the precise nature of the watch's effect, he will never be considered surprised or flat-footed against an attack or trap. The wearer will, thus, retain his Dexterity bonus to Defense in most situations where he would lose it.

Type: Wondrous Item (psionic)

Manifester Level: 10th

Purchase DC: 38

Weight: 0.5 lb.

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